We understand heating and cooling isn’t something most homeowners know much about, so we’re here to educate our customers on their HVAC systems. Here are some questions we commonly receive:

How often should I replace my air filter?

Change your filter monthly. Replace a disposable filter (usually made of cardboard). A one-inch thick filter cannot last more than 30 days without putting dirt back into the duct system, or restricting air flow, which costs money. Don't attempt to clean it. Ask your technician how to properly replace your system's filter because clean filters help ensure long-lasting systems

What are the most efficient operation practices for my system?

Every home is different due to construction and our climate preferences. Our professional technicians are more than happy to walk you through your home and make recommendations on how you can keep your optimum comfort level while spending the least on your utility bills.

If I choose not to purchase a club membership, will you provide me recommendations for DIY maintenance of the system?

For optimum performance, a professionally trained technician should service your system. Should you have an unexpected breakdown, without a contractor's record of regular maintenance, HVAC equipment manufacturers may deny your claim, and we never want that to happen to our customers. We want to be your advocate.

When will you check back on me after new installation or major repairs?

Our team will call you within two weeks after we visit your home to ensure your satisfaction, but you can always reach us at 912-261-1922.

Whom should I contact regarding questions about my system's operation?

Our team is here to help, and you can reach us at 912-261-1922. We'll do our very best to answer your questions immediately.

Will you file all required registrations and warranty information to protect me in the event of system failure and/or major repairs?

Absolutely. We register your equipment's information with the manufacturer, and we will email you the registration information for your peace of mind. When you do business with All Starr Air, you deserve only the best service.

How long should I expect my system to last and still be efficient?

The life expectancy of your system depends upon many things from weather to usage. One thing that will maximize its efficiency and lifespan is maintenance. Every year your system goes without maintenance, it loses 1-5 percent efficiency. That's why it's important we come to your home at least once a year to completely clean, adjust, and tune your home comfort system. If you are a Club Member, it will guarantee two scheduled tune-ups per year.

My outside unit is exposed to direct sunlight. Do you recommend and/or provide a shelter to provide shade?

While it may seem like a good idea to shade it, the potential for restricting and/or recirculating airflow exists and should be avoided. The better the unit can "breathe," the better and more efficiently it will operate.